Wednesday, May 20, 2009

on being cute

April 30:

"God only knows how cute I can get."
(an actual, heartfelt statement, not intended to be in any way disrespectful)



"It makes you feel cute when the wind goes in your hair, huh?"



 Tessa is brushing her hair before going to play with Elijah and explaining, "You know how girls want to look cute for boys even though they are not going to marry them just yet."


Momma B said...

Very nice! I love the "God only knows how cute I can get!" Perfect 5 year old thinking!

Anchely said...

This might be the best blog ever! Snaps to you, Marcia, for setting it up!

Snot Head said...

That is so sweet. "even when you aren't going to marry them just yet" Love it!